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The Role of Clinical Faculty Members

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Research and Scholarship

  • Applied research evaluating ABA educational interventions
  • Collaboration with other Rutgers University faculty and with investigators from agencies outside of Rutgers.
  • Leadership and participation in state, national and international organizations
  • Publications in books and journals
  • Presentations at state, national and international conferences

Teaching and Training

  • Organizing and/or participating in conferences and training seminars for DDDC staff and the community
  • Teaching ABA courses in the Certificate Program in ABA, as well as in the Master of Applied Psychology program.
  • Practicum experiences for master's and doctoral graduate students in education and Psychology
  • Field Work & Research course for undergraduate students


  • Behavioral and educational consultation within the DDDC.
  • Clinical oversight for staff supervising skill acquisition of learners within the DDDC
  • Educational and Functional Behavior Assessment for learners within the DDDC's Center-based program and through Outreach Services

As a university-based program, our clinical faculty and many of our staff members are involved in research.

Current research priorities at the DDDC include the assessment and treatment of maladaptive behavior, factors affecting skill acquisition in individuals with autism, and the impact of autism on families.

All research activities are conducted within the guidelines of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Rutgers University. Families are invited to participate in research projects if they wish, but participation is never required in order to receive services from the Center.

More information about individual faculty members can be found on the GSAPP website.

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