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Fieldwork at the DDDC

What is Fieldwork?

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Rutgers University undergraduate students seeking applied training in Psychology and education can participate in Fieldwork at the Douglass School and Douglass Adult Program. Students learn about autism and applied behavior analysis with hands-on training and relevant course lectures.


Register for Fieldwork in Autism course 830:382. Second semester Fieldwork students, register for 830:383.


Undergraduate students will be placed in one of two DDDC locations on the Douglass College Campus (to be assigned at the first Thursday lecture of each semester):

Course requirements

  • One clinical day (Monday through Friday from 8:45 am to 2:50 pm) per week at the DDDC (your schedule must allow for one full day at the center each week).
  • Observation of skilled classroom staff.
  • Direct work with a learner with autism (we serve children, adolescents, and
  • Implementation of a variety of individualized teaching programs addressing
    speech and language, social skills, recreation/play, self help and independent
    living skills.
  • Supervised training on how to teach individuals with autism.
  • Weekly 5th period lecture on Thursday (discussion, demonstration, and practice). An advanced seminar for second semester fieldwork students.
  • Passing a multiple-choice exam (content covered in assigned readings and lectures).
  • Writing a short paper.

The following are impressions by undergraduates who have taken the fieldwork course in the past.

I learned so much. I loved being in the classroom with the students the most. I knew nothing about autism (aside from what I learned in classes) before taking this class.

My career was shaped by my undergraduate work at the DDDC. I have worked in the field of disability now for 25 years, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the children, families and faculty I met at the DDDC.

Meeting with and working with the kids taught me a lot. I love the kids. They made my days more fun.

The things I learned I will never forget. Best class I ever took.

It was an amazing opportunity and experience, I wasn't expecting the chance to work so independently and hands-on.

It was a great learning experience and a great deal of fun.

Bonding with the kids was the best part.

I loved every aspect of this class and learned a great deal.

More information

Spring 2018 Fieldwork in Psychology Syllabus

Spring Advanced Seminar Fieldwork in Psychology Syllabus

If you have other questions feel free to contact:
Professor Sloman




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