Both undergraduate and graduate students participate in ongoing research at the DDDC. Students are trained in experimental design, data collection and analysis, and the comparison of various educational interventions and behavior management techniques used with students with autism.

Undergraduate students participate in hands-on Field Work and are eligible to enroll in DDDC's research course on a space available basis.

Field Work Course

Each year, the DDDC trains from 80 to 100 undergraduate students enrolled in the fieldwork course, teaching them techniques and educational strategies used with students with autism that are derived from ABA. Click here to learn more about Field Work at DDDC.

Research Course

Undergraduate students enrolled in the research course spend 10 hours a week involved in ongoing projects at the DDDC. Students attend weekly lectures and work under the direct supervision of a graduate research coordinator and clinical faculty members. As part of the research experience students design a research study on a topic of interest to them. In this way, students are exposed to the comprehensive experience of planning, conducting, and interpreting the results of research projects. Interviews are required prior to acceptance into this course. Click here to learn more about the Research Course at DDDC.